other people’s PBPs

Other folks are much more timely in their write-ups! Heck, I’ve been meaning to post some of their links, both to give an idea of the variety of experiences, and for something else to read while you are waiting for my story, and just that has taken me six plus months… anyhoo. Here ya go:

Some SFRians: Rob, the RBA of Awesome; Carlin, who was one of the first with a write up, and whose vignette format I enjoyed and am somewhat stealing; Ian, and if you prefer watching to reading, Eric Norris has a YouTube Channel where he shared PBP tips before the ride and is now adding PBP “After Party” videos where folks recount their experiences.

Mary, the creator of Coffeeneuring, and her partner, Ed. Mary also has a write-up roundup.

Some posts that I came across by way of a Facebook group for women riders of PBP: Tiffany Winchester, whose ride sounded rather excruciating, but it was good to read a report with the supportive spouse being the husband, rather than the wife, for a change. Also PBP 2019: A Study in Sleepiness and Lesson on Relentless Forward Progress, by Kelley Wegeng, and Sian Lamberts’ Paris Brest Paris

Ryan Francesconi (friend of friend of friend?) and then I think this last one was posted in the ACP PBP Facebook group: Paris – Brest – Paris 2019 – L’Equipe Provence, and had the phrase “stubborn flexibility,” which is a good description for the character needed to succeed at rando, and one I am totally stealing.

The RUSA magazine, American Randonneur, also had an issue (Winter 2019?) almost entirely devoted to PBP.

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