Coffeeneuring 2022: 4

So I did not get the posts from last year’s Coffeeneuring wrapped up before this year’s challenge started, and now I’m posting this year’s rides out of order… what havoc will it be next? Anyway, trying to let go of that “in order” thing, as it does often back me up, so perhaps some leeway will actually mean more posts done, and maybe even closer to when the rides happened. What’s that saying about not letting the perfect get in the way of the good (enough)? Don’t let the in order get in the way of the getting something posted. Ha.

This was an around the neighborhood from the cabin, with coffee outside at the spring. The weather was a bit unsettled, but pleasant. While we were at the spring some folks arrived to fill up their 5 gallon jugs. One of them had previously lived closer, but they raved about how great the water was – obviously enough so that they drove up the hill for it!

Every time I’ve been to or past the spring, it’s been flowing merrily away, and I’ve often wondered what the rate is. With their defined volume containers, we were able to figure out the flow was ~3 gpm. Which may not sound like a lot, but would be 4320 gallons in a day, and assuming steady flow year ’round, would be 1,576,800 gallons for the year! Dang! (I keep second guessing myself on that number, and redoing the calculation, but still coming up with the same thing.)

Then, in the way these things often go, I wondered how that would compare to “average” usage. The Internets claims average household usage is anywhere from 60 to 100 gallons per person per day – which also seems kinda high, but maybe that’s just me. Anyway, say we go with 100 gallons per day, that spring would supply 43 people. Huh. Although I do have to wonder if it was all piped away and used, rather than most of it not being captured, if that would make a difference in the flow. (I’m assuming at least some of it is soaking back in and helping recharge? Or it may be getting water from further up hill and the surface discharge doesn’t matter?)  And certainly having 43 more people around, although it doesn’t sound like much, would make a difference in the neighborhood.

Regardless, I think it’s important to think about these sorts of questions, and do these sorts of calculations. How much water or fill in the blank other resource are we using? Where does it come from? What is being done for my lifestyle and convenience? Whew. And this was just supposed to be about riding bikes and drinking coffee… but that’s a thing about writing, you never know where it might end up.

10/22/2022, 3.8 miles, half-caff mocha


2 thoughts on “Coffeeneuring 2022: 4

  1. Not to mention the fish and other critters that rely on the creek water from that spring. And the thought that that water goes to the Middle, not South, fork. So much about such a fun little ride together.

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