Coffeeneuring 2021: 1

Here it is, Coffeeneuring Season again! How did that happen?! One thing and another I haven’t been riding much, and I haven’t written up anything that I have done, but there’s something about Coffeeneuring. Hmn, maybe I can figure out what that is and apply it to other things…

Anyhoo, with some rain in the forecast for later this week – I don’t want to jinx it, since we SO need it, but looks like some forreals rain could happen WOOHOO – not that it will get us out of the drought, but it’s something – I thought I’d get a jump on things. And it was kinda cool to do a ride on opening day, which I don’t think I’ve done before.

The ride was a bit of after work toodle around between work and the train station, which – hahaha – actually overlapped a bit with the last ride of last season – how fun is that? (Which, I noticed the “one good thing” theme that last year’s season had, which I quite enjoyed – both having a theme, and the theme itself – so decided to come up with another theme for this year’s season … “brought to you by the letter C” – something (besides coffee) on the ride that starts with the letter C!) Bike path along Corte Madera Creek, some poofy clouds in the sky, everything fresh smelling from yesterday’s rain, views of Mt. Tam and the bay, bluemug and yellowbike. Good times.

brought to you by the letter C: poofy Clouds!

Date: 10/18/21
Location: Corte Madera, CA to Larkspur, CA
Distance:  3.9 miles
Beverage: herbal tea, carried with
Bike: yellowbike

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