there’s a neur for that

Since riding PBP I’ve had a few people ask, “what’s next?” Which… I don’t really have an answer for. At least when the question is more of the “what’s the next Big Ride?” variety. Part of me is feeling done with Big Rides – at least on the clock – and, having completed PBP, that means I can retire from randonneuring, right? Well, we’ll see what happens with that, but I for sure want to get back out on the dirt more, and maybe try some bikepacking.

Although we’re also heading into the hibernation season. Not like we get super cold or snow in this part of California, but there is less daylight, and blah blah blah… relaxing inside is very tempting. But wait, there’s coffeeneuring! Which I had heard about before – this is the eighth year – but never done. There’s kind of a lot of rules (I think somewhat tongue in cheek – #11 is a particularly good one), but I like what seems to be the spirt of it, and it’s been fun seeing people’s rides on the Facebook group. Mary, the instigator, is in the Washington DC area, but coffeeneuring has spread around the world! And this year there are cards and other promotional materials – and how awesome is that logo?!

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